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A solo show by FANNY HELLGREN


“Fanny Hellgren’s material investigations
have led her to acquire a method of artistic inquiry
integrating objects, performativity, and text. She undertakes
archival and material research, and makes field expeditions
to glean from the built environment forms and accidental
encounters that inform different aspects of her object based installations.
Her exploration of the built and natural environments reveal
her intimate, idiosyncratic, and quietly humorous perspective
on the logic and illogic of human behaviour.”

Jeuno Je Kim (Senior lecturer at Valand Art academy)

Fanny Hellgren creates her works by exploring materials and surfaces, playing with the visual properties and the aesthetics of raw materials like wood, glass, fabric and concrete and making them resound with her poetic sense of space and delicate yet firm voice.

Using pigments, moulds or just embracing the intrinsic quality of the materials - as if they were different languages she can effortlessly use - she gives shape to works that are visually both delicate and bold, silent but impossible to go unnoticed. Hellgren’s installations live on a perfect balance, as they embrace and at the same time shape the space around them in harmonious yet unpredictable ways.

The concrete series presented in Gray Terrain - her first solo show after graduating from Art Academy - consists in an installation of pieces created out of concrete, pigments and steel fibres. This body of work has a powerful and unsettling presence, a synesthetic quality which overturns our perception as Fanny Hellgren bends the brutal materiality of concrete into pieces that appear ethereal and almost fragile.

Fanny Hellgren (1992) lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Valand Academy, where she graduated in 2017. Her work has been exhibited in Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Austria including at Göteborgs Stadsmuseum (SE), Alingsås Museum (SE), Raum Vollreinigung (DE), Neustiftgasse (AUS) and Raja Gallery in Tallinn. Grey Terrain is her first solo show with Nevven Gallery.

Pictures by Nevven Gallery



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