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A solo show by ANNA TEDESTAM

OPENING: THURSDAY MARCH 15, 2018. TIME 17:00-20:00

”I am a sculptor. I am a waterfall, and it’s pouring out of me. It turns the flow that I’m in, into streams, into shapes. Into shapes of norms I want to break.

From the first minute my hands touched clay - It was doomed to fail, my work is the survivor. Someone once asked: What’s at risk?

I want to build Rome in one day. Every day. I’m aware I always push it. My sculptures and their compositions balance between sudden death or survival. The sculptures can barely hold their posture straight, and they have to hold their breath. I’ve for long tried to step away from the right and wrongs that society place on me. I found a place where I’m in charge. It’s too late to become someone else. I will continue to transform feelings into shapes, and add some smell and taste too. I’m careful of the moves my hands do, I treasure intuition.

Clay is my material. Clay and I work hand in hand. Clay is my greatest friend and comfort. Together we try to understand. We use each other as we go through time. Clay can carry itself in a way no other material can, and Clay carries me too.”

Anna Tedestam

Anna Tedestam is a sculptor by true vocation. Her medium of choice is clay, with which she has a visceral creative relation. Through a flow of emotions, she digs for symbols in this earthly material to transform feelings into shapes of ceramic, porcelain, stoneware and plaster - often mixed together. For Tedestam clay is the material from which she can build an alternative world, a place that speaks her own personal truth.

The intricacy of her sculptures reflects an intimate and vital cycle of finding and building, of pure observation versus active creation and reinterpretation. She explores what the material offers her and she bends its characteristics into impossible architectures and into a dance of unbalanced colourful shapes.

The series of sculptures presented in Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner! - her first solo show ever - is crawling with symbols and stories, humorous and mindful at the same time. Anna Tedestam masterfully manages with her work to transcend the stillness proper of sculpture as her creations become alive in their deliberate imperfection and in the visible traces of the intuitive, unconstrained process behind them.

Anna Tedestam (1991, Uppsala) lives and works in Stockholm where she is currently attending the Master program at Konstfackt University of Arts Crafts and Design. Her work has been exhibited at Stockholm Affordable Art Fair 2017, at Köttinspektionen in Uppsala, at Liljevalchs in Stockholm and at Galleri Småland in Alvesta. Tedestam has completed a public commission in 2017 for Strängnäs, she is currently working on a show with Art Nou Mil.lenni Gallery in Barcelona (Spain) and on a new public commission for Lidingö. “Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner!” is her first solo exhibition with Nevven Gallery.



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