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All around us things happen and disappear, every moment is racing, and future is soon named past. Everything occurs between the ninety degrees separating space and time. Our reality follows rules, and some of them we take as answers, for we fear what is unknown. But what if we decided to allow things to float, as if weightless, to let a second last an hour, and in that time give ourselves the chance to indulge in what we missed?

Suddenly we step into a place where there are no clocks, we walk in a street which leads nowhere and anywhere we want, we are in a room where what we can catch and touch are not just things, but an atmosphere. A moment, suspended, leaning on a world that can be real or can belong to dreams, but that now has a doorway that can be crossed. That doorway is a picture, a shape, a word, and what is behind it does not answer to any previously known rules.

Suspended tries to convoy this atmosphere, to channel this tangible feeling through the work of three very different practitioners. What in fact couldn’t easily be shared by abstract painting, street photography and figurative drawing is partaken in a delicate and effortless way by Malin Gabriella Nordin, Andrea Sonnenberg and Alina Vergnano. Among the personal styles and paths of these three extremely talented young female artists there is - in fact - a cross-section, a point of contact in which their unique works touch and it is there that this exhibition takes place.

The intersections become even more apparent  when these three are juxtaposed. It is then that incredible things begin to happen and the obvious distances seem eliminated. The fading brushstrokes by Malin Gabriella Nordin may complete the solitude of a schoolgirl alone on a Japanese beach shot by Andrea Sonnenberg while a word written on a delicate and corrugate ceramic molded by Alina Vergnano seems to relect upon it all. Time is still as the imagination of these three artists slowly bonds and crossfades, enhancing on one side the other’s strong personalities, while underlining the unique moment they all share.


Malin Gabriella Nordin (Sweden, 1988) lives and works in Stockholm. Nordin’s art is delicately abstract and her visionary multidisciplinary works range from canvas to paper to textiles and sculpture. Her work speaks in a language of shades and delicate asymmetries, embodying a unique atmosphere with a clearly recognizable touch. From black and whites to the most colorful of works, her vision is one of dreams, where everything appears to be floating and swimming in a liquid universe. In this world the rules of physics no longer apply, though her paintings allow us to peek out from narrow openings. Nordin has exhibited extensively in the past years, including solo and collective shows at Gallery Steinsland-Berliner in Stockholm, Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice and Ed. Varie in New York.

Andrea Sonnenberg (U.S.A., 1990) lives and works in San Francisco. Sonneberg’s photography originates from the streets of the Bay Area. With a background in tagging and street vandalism (under the moniker Teen Witch), legendary Barry McGee referred to her as “Killing it”. The atmosphere and world she depicts is the one of the contemporary American documentary and street photography, while her touch remains unique and incredibly strong. Her pictures manage to be brutal and delicate at once, they explore the world around her in the most simple and unfiltered way, while still radiating a poetry which only the greatest photographers have. Sonnenberg has exhibited extensively in North American’s galleries and in Europe at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. In 2011 she’s been featured in the survey “Art In The Streets” by MOCA Los Angeles..

Alina Vergnano (Italy, 1989) lives and works in Gothenburg. Vergnano’s practice ranges from ink drawings to epic sized murals and delicate ceramics. Her rough lines and delicate touches, her drips and often bare black and white images mirror a language of the spirit. Her imaginary has an extremely personal, yet universally introspective nature, as well as the capacity to channel, in an often astounding way, the human and often feminine world. From despair to bliss, her works radiate a unique sense of expression and a complete elimination of the superfluous. Not a single brushstroke could be removed from her ink drawings, nor the isolated words which often accompany her paintings and ceramics. These words complete what might defined as a delicate poetry of images, a minimalist survey of the spirit. Alina has exhibited and participated in numerous mural festivals and exhibitions in Europe and Asia, including Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Germany, India and Taiwan.

Installation pics by David Eng





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