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  Nevven is a gallery and a public project for the Contemporary art vanguards located in the Majorna neighbourhood of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Born as an experimental project by artists Alina Vergnano and Mattia Lullini on the April of 2015 in a local adjacent to their former studio, it soon took the shape and mission that drive the project now as an international gallery and a public project for the arts in the city of Gothenburg.

The gallery organises six main exhibitions per year dividing its program between some of the most influential - recognised as much as uprising - Swedish artists and a selection of the most talented and trending international artists with a focus on the most relevant fringes and vanguard movements in the contemporary art world. In the in-between spaces of the program Nevven hosts book releases, temporary installations and performances with the objective of being a constantly active venue for the city's art scene.

Nevven's mission is to set a new standard for vanguard galleries. Finding its position in between a commercial gallery and a public art project its goal is being a venue for the most contemporary art movements, a bridge between Sweden and the rest of the artistic world and an ethical project for the involved artists, the art lovers and the broader public. The gallery pursues this objectives not only by setting exhibitions at the top of their standards but also regularly organising and funding artists talks in collaboration with the Gothenburg's Central Library, public art interventions and school visits to the gallery.

Nevven Gallery also trusts strongly in the importance of a return to critical writing and printed matter and supports this idea by collecting in store a selection of the best international fanzines and art books as much as publishing catalogues of each exhibition and other artist's publications and limited edition prints as Nevven Editions.

Nevven is supported by the Gothenburg's City Art Council since June 2016.



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Nevven is run with the support of the Gothenburg's City Art Council